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The various types of Rights which are syndicated are as follows,
1. TV rights – Popularly known as Satellite Rights or Broadcast Rights for Tv Channels for period of Perpetuality of a specific term as per the deal. This includes re- run rights also . 
2. DTH Rights – Direct to Home rights which includes companies like Tata Sky , Dish Tv ,Airtel 
3. Cable Tv Rights 
4. Doordarshan Rights
5. Digital Rights – These rights are one of the most popular rights today and in the coming years. With players like Amazon / Netflix the digital rights scene has completely changed . We have direct access to many digital players and we have been syndicating movies to them regularly. 
6. Air Borne Rights – We syndicate to many national and international Airlines wherein the rights do not disturb any other rights .
7. Negative Rights – All rights of the film 

Why Content Owners Prefer us ?
  • Transparent and ethical business dealing
We do business while keeping our clients in the loop, at each step. We maintain utmost transparency and clarity in all our dealings, monetary or otherwise. Our relationships are based on a set of good business ethics and we strive to live by it.
  • No upfront fee
We do not charge any upfront fees. We charge our clients only once we finalise deals. 
  • Single window experience
We are a one-stop shop for all content syndication and acquisition requirements. We provide end-to- end services including Consultancy, payments, content delivery, legal and taxation services. 
  • Timely payments
We ensure timely payments for all our Clients and pride ourselves on a proven track record of no delays. 
  • Addition of maximum value to content
We operate with a firm belief in maximising value for our clients, whether as platforms or content owners, in the most number of territories, at the best prices. 
Our team Provides the following features which makes a content Owner Life Simpler ,
Our team has the expertise to understand the real value of your content and find the right price for it in the market. We simplify rights management issues and help content owners get the best price and widest reach by matching them with the most suitable platforms.
We help content owners and rights holders to maximize the returns for their work and investment in the content. We syndicate content across platforms including Satellite platforms, OTT platforms, Mobile platforms, Internet TV, Inflight Entertainment and more in worldwide territories.
We take care of all your content delivery requirements. We provide end-to- end services beginning with ingestion, quality control, and repairs, subtitling to transcoding. We provide top quality services with the help of state-of- the-art tools and assist owners with all content related requirements. 
The actual implementation of content syndication lands here- the legal contract. Staying true to our word, we provide our partners with all services under one roof, of which legal service is pivotal. We help you draw legal contracts with platforms and execute all documentation with drafting, vetting, negotiation and advisory services.
We guide our clients on all billing and taxation related aspects across territories including claiming tax credit, preparing invoices and documentation as required by platforms.
We understand that our clients may have several other requirements that may arise in the course of content acquisition and several times, even after. Our team is available and eager to help you with your needs at all stages.
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