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The strategy is set, and your brand’s identity is formed.
Now it’s time to bring your brand to life.  
Once you’ve created an amazing brand, developing equally amazing brand collateral is a must. But it pays to do so strategically. 
Finding a brand identity is a highly conceptual exercise. There are names and brand stories and visual identities and logos and design elements. But once all the issues are settled and the brand is built out, someone needs to order the new business cards.
Of course, business cards are only the start. A new brand can require everything from new marketing collateral and print materials, to redesigned packaging, to a new sign above the office door. Visually, it’s a time of transformative change—and an opportunity to find new touchpoints with consumers and employees where your new brand can make an impact.
MDEPL Brand Lab handles branding end-to-end, from big idea to bold execution. We bring spectacular design skills to the task, but also a strategic eye for where branding can make a good experience great.
Identifying the Needs
When branding changes, so does the way you present yourself to the world. One of the most important and obvious places that’s seen is product packaging. But new branding could mean anything from new business cards or updated signage to new employee uniforms.
Marketing collateral will likely need to change too, from updated brochure design to new print collateral, and new email templates (not to mention potentially a new website).
There’ll be internal needs too: your employees will need to understand and embrace the change, which may mean handouts explaining the new brand, what it stands for, and how your team can uphold it.
Ensuring the changeover is seamless can be a daunting task. Fortunately, MDEPL Brand Lab has seen more than a few rebrandings, and we’re happy to sit down with you and help you work through the business of identifying and creating the right collateral.
Nailing the Design
MDEPL may be a digital agency by birth, but we know our way around great design in all formats. Our branding has appeared on websites, supermarket shelves, signage, advertising, and all kinds of physical and digital places in between.
We have access to an elite team of designers experienced in creating both marketing and digital experiences. So by the time we come to design your print collateral, we’ve already applied an immense practical knowledge of what will work and what won’t.
That’s not to say that developing brand collateral is effortless—a lot of hard work and refinement goes into designing packaging, print materials, or anything else. But a compelling visual identity lays a strong foundation. Plus, when we create a visual identity for a brand, we’re already thinking about how your branding will look ‘in the wild’, so we don’t give you a look that’s better in theory than in practice.
Exploring New Touchpoints      
Beyond replacing materials you already have, the brand collateral process is also an opportunity to identify new brand touchpoints, and check that your business processes align with your brand values.
Perhaps you’ve re-centered your brand on personalized service, for example. There are a myriad of ways you might add new collateral to make good on that promise, from informative brochures to sending thank-you notes with product orders. The brand collateral development process is a great opportunity to look at the way you’re working and identify opportunities to align your operations with your brand—reinforcing the ideas, perceptions, and stories you’ve worked so hard to develop.
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