Digitex Film Meter

What is Digitex Film Meter ?

Digitex Film Meter (Amulgation of Digital + Sensex) as the name suggests defines the true interest of today’s film audience, where the audience  provides the rankings for every new film release with  regard to a films digital promotion before the release of the film.

With the advent of digital media , marketing of films has undergone a sea of change . Digital Marketing is today’s most fascinating, challenging, significant & a core medium for marketing . So more & more marketers have to scratch their brains out to come up with the next best & exciting digital promotional campaign.

Digitex meter is the medium where these digital campaigns are rated by certain parameters such as –

The Campaign Design – the look , the feel , the Artwork of the film
The Campaign Contests
The Campaign Social Media Pages – Fb,Twitter etc
The No of views on Youtube for the film’s promotional videos
The interaction of the audience with the films social media accounts

So the next time when you come across an excellent campaign idea on the digital front for a film , do remember to check out the Digitex Film Meter right here right now .

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